Do I need Golf Fitness Edge?

Your current physical situation may be affecting your golf swing. Here are some common physical complaints (C).

C - My address posture feels hunched over and when I try to stand up straight it does not look straight in the mirror.

A full 1/3rd of golfers have "C-posture". This physical limitation limits a golfers ablility to rotate. By middle age simply trying to "stand up straight" may not be enough. Golf Fitness Edge can help you address this issue.

C - I have low back, knee or shoulder pain with or after golf.

The source of your pain is not necessarily at the site of pain. Golf Fitness Edge has the TPI Medical and Fitness expertise to help you address the real source of your pain and get you back on course.

C - By the middle of the back nine I tend to feel fatigued and my play become inconsistent.

Golf Fitness Edge fitness programming will help you get through your round feeling great!

Why Golf Fitness Edge?

It is no secret that as we age our body’s ability to perform physical tasks declines. The cumulative affects of years of poor lifestyle choices, dietary choices and injuries accelerates decline.

Even if we have made the decision to begin to exercise, while admirable, there is no guarantee that our improved health and fitness will carry over to our golf game or decrease our aches and pains. In fact some of our gym exercises may work against our physical needs for better golf.

Fortunately much of our declining golf performance, aches and pains are not inevitable. Golf Fitness Edge will determine precisely what you need to improve you body for a better, more enjoyable golf game with less pain and hey, you may just win a nassua or two from your friends!

What can I expect from Golf Fitness Edge?

Our individualized programs will efficiently optimize your physical abilities for both golf and life.

Our clients remark that they are playing better golf with more confidence and less pain, more energy often within 4 weeks. Golf Fitness Edge helps you realize your potential on and off the golf course. Make an appointment Today!