Magical Benefits for Golf Using Proper Posture and Breathing

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016


Check out some of the benefits that a well placed diaphragm and proper breathing can have on your entire body!

  1. Reflex activation of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  2. Improved “core” (thoraco-pelvic) control: Decreased low back pain
  3. Decreased Urinary stress incontinence
  4. Proper positioning of the diaphragm and proper breathing mechanics assist in the potential reduction acid reflux
  5. Mobilization of the rib and spine joints
  6. Mobilization of soft tissue called fascia
  7. Normalization of CO2 elimination in the older client, thus decreased body acidity thus less inflammation and overall less pain
  8. Greater ability to activate the Psoas Major to help stabilize the low back
  9. When combined with proper posture assists in the normal function of the autonomic nervous system AKA: Better ability to be in “The Zone”
  10. Reduce risk of lower lung related diseases and pneumonia
  11. Possibly helps to reduce spikes in blood sugar

If you are interested in improving your golf game  through better breathing techniques as part of a comprehensive golf fitness program, contact us today!